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The company was founded in 1977 under the name SMALTOLAC OE, based in Athens, and its object is the trading of varnishes, paints and other types of furniture polishing.

In 1984, it proceeded to build a factory in Inofyta of Viotia and started its own production of the above items with success in the market, and its legal form was changed to A.V.E.E.

In 1987, the cooperation with SIRCA SpA of Italy, one of the largest companies producing varnishes, paints and resins in Italy, began. Initially, the cooperation took the form of the representation of sirca's goods in southern Greece. Greece, opened a branch in Thessaloniki with a direct result in its rapid expansion throughout Greece
n 2003 sirca spa bought 51% of the share capital of SMALTOLAC ABEE which was renamed SIRCA HELLAS ABEE. It was a necessary move to strengthen SMALTOLAC's position in the highly competitive environment of the new millennium.
SIRCA today is one of the top companies in the sector, with sales in 36 countries, with stable quality and with an eye on the production of Ecological varnishes beyond the classic water varnishes to biological resin products, which it has already developed in a full range

At the same time, the cooperation with the second company of the DURANTE group, Durante&Vivan Spa (now DURANTE ADESIVI) began with the aim of making high-quality woodworking glue available on the Greek market. Today the range has expanded to other categories such as for paper and DURANTE ADESIVI has been featured in a leading company in the sector spearheading polyurethane adhesives as well as turning the NATURA series into a new generation ecological adhesive

In 2022, we concluded a contract of cooperation and exclusive distribution in the Greek market with AMMON COLOR SrL, with the main but not the only object being slow-burning and fire-resistant products for wood, metal and construction. A historical company that measures 200 years of life with high specialization and certified by large international laboratories product can provide a solution to any need for flame retardant materials.
As we leave behind us successive judgments, we can say with certainty that we will be here to give quality, durability and design to your wooden and not only constructions.